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There are rumours going around at present that there is a huge surge in property sales at the moment and that this is due to a massive influx of new residents coming to our shores from both UK and further afield. A good time then  Read More

                                         In our Summer market report in August 2019 we reported a substantial increase in residential sales, along with a shortage of stock in the lower price ranges of up to around £400,000. As we head through 2020 this situation has continued to gather pace.  Read More

We don’t normally do property market reports this frequently, but felt it was appropriate as the local property market has changed again and continued to gather pace at an alarming rate since our last property market report in the Spring.  Having done this job for  Read More

Innovative local Estate Agents Manxmove is the first local agency to produce a fully automated email mailing list specifically for sellers. Graham Wilson from the company comments “Automated mailing lists and email property alerts for buyers have been the norm for most Estate Agents for  Read More

A sellers market now with property scarce and prices rising Quite often the market changes very little from one property market report to the next. However, there has been a noticeable change in the local market since our last report in August last year as  Read More

Manxmove expands its Residential Sales team Manxmove are delighted to welcome Troy Parker to their friendly close knit Estate Agency team. Troy is now the fourth qualified Estate Agent at Manxmove which now makes up a total of nine staff members. Troy recently studied for  Read More


A sellers market in certain price ranges at last Well, the local property market has certainly changed somewhat since our last property market report at the beginning of the year. Having been in this profession locally for more years than I care to remember I  Read More

Manxmove property market report January 2018   As we gallop through 2018 we are pleased to report that the local property market is definitely an improving one, as far as Manxmove is concerned anyway. Our negotiated sales during 2017 were substantially up on the previous  Read More

*** Manxmove sponsor local amputee football player Sean Jackson *** Local Estate Agency Manxmove are currently sponsoring Manx footballer Sean Jackson. Sean was recently called up to train with the England Amputee Football Associations senior squad (EAFA). The 17 year old Ballakermeen High School student  Read More

Could this be the MESSIEST house in Britain? Images from inside property will SHOCK you THE MESSIEST home in Britain may well have been found, with images from inside the property revealing shocking scenes. Revolting photos show the house in a state of disarray, with  Read More


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