Manxmove Launch Sellers Mailing List

Innovative local Estate Agents Manxmove is the first local agency to produce a fully automated email mailing list specifically for sellers.

Graham Wilson from the company comments “Automated mailing lists and email property alerts for buyers have been the norm for most Estate Agents for years. Buyers now quite rightly expect to be able to log on to a website and register online to receive a full list of properties within their search criteria along with email notifications of all suitable new listings. What we have done is turned this facility around and adapted our mailing list to look after sellers as well as buyers.

Now sellers can visit our website and register the details of the property they wish to sell in a very similar way to registering as a buyer. Our website will then instantly search our extensive database of registered clients and automatically match the sellers specific property details with these registered buyers. The match process will include property type, area, number of bedrooms and price. Not only will the seller receive an instant email with a detailed list of who we currently have registered looking for this type of property, but the seller will also receive future email notifications when new buyers that are looking for this type of property register.  

With this new facility a seller thinking of going to market can get a really good idea whether or not there is an interested audience for their home prior to actually launching their property on the open market. Obviously if and when the property is launched it is automatically merged with our registered buyers and these buyers receive an email with a direct link back to the property details on our website.

Estate Agents obviously earn their fees from sellers and we are now thankfully experiencing quite a healthy market up to around £450,000. However, market growth is dependent on stock and stock levels in certain price ranges are currently low. It is for this reason that the Manxmove team intend to continue to look at new ways to facilitate new sellers and hopefully provide these new sellers with some confidence that there are willing buyers out there for their type of property.  

You can now register with us as a buyer or a seller by visiting our website and clicking on property alerts”

Graham Wilson FNAEA Director Manxmove Limited

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