Scooter Power For Manxmove

Hell’s Agents 

Anyone that knows the Manxmove lads will tell you that they don’t take themselves too seriously so this Summer they intend to shed a couple of wheels and introduce Honda Dylan Scooters as their preferred transport to local viewing appointments (weather permitting of course).

This 2002 model Honda Dylan 125cc four stroke scooter has been recently stripped to the bare frame before being meticulously rebuilt, refurbished and repainted in bespoke one-off Manxmove colours and livery.

The refurbishment of the first scooter to don the Manxmove stable has been carried out by Director and joint owner of Manxmove Limited Graham Wilson who has been a keen motorcyclist for many years and has carried out numerous restoration projects in the past, albeit on much larger road bikes.

Not only do the Manxmove lads see this as being a whole lot of fun in the Summer, but feel they are also doing their little bit for the environment as these frugal little peds can achieve around 120 mpg, which is important, as it is not unusual for the Manxmove team to currently go through around £90 worth of fuel each on a busy week.

Graham commented that not only are these little Hondas ultra economical around town but they are really quite nippy when you get them on the open road and have been known to reach speeds approaching 70mph down very steep hills with following strong to gale force winds.

Fellow director and joint owner of Manxmove Limited Ian Lloyd is also on the lookout for a similar model and, once refurbished, Ian will also be using this mode of transport for fair-weather Summer viewings, providing of course the crash helmet doesn’t play havoc with his hairstyle.

If there is anybody out there looking to sell a similar model in any condition please get in touch with the Manxmove lads Graham or Ian on 619966.







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